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Tips for selling an used car

Step 1: Know the Market

Always have an information about the market relating to the price, deals-dealers and about the catalogue for selling used car. Make a helpful survey with the help of friend and the relatives, which gives quick results. The sale of the car also depends on the seasons, so it may take longer time to deal. But has made it easier. What you have to do is put an ad on the on-line classified ads of car at with the complete information of used car. And get the fast result.

Step 2: Price Your Car Competitively

Once you have surveyed and gone through the on-line classifieds at and have followed the prompts and gotten the price list. Put down your ad and code the price of the car relating to all the important factors like mileage, model, cost price, depreciation etcÂ…. On the other hand, as a private seller, you don't have to look like a car dealer. Therefore you can put the selling price as you want.

Step 3: Give Your Car "Curb Appeal"

People come to see your car, they will probably make up their minds to buy it or not, within the first few seconds. This is based on their first look of the car. So make this first look bright and console a positive attitude. You want your car to have "curb appeal". Curb appeal is positive appeal to buy anything. Before you put an ad for your car see that the car looks neat and attractive. This can be done through a gentle car wash and attractive paint with good color.

Step 4: Where to Advertise Your Car

When your car is ready to be sold, it is the time to advertise it. Normally, people advertise in newspaper. These ads can be expensive, and they get slow results. On-line classified ads, at the, are becoming popular. You have to give the information of the car and wait for a quick result.

Step 5: Showing Your Car

For a good sale you have to show your car to the buyer and fixed an appointment with him for the test drive. While showing your car, the car should be in good condition and all the parts should be working. Always put them on ease and grab the positive thinking of the buyer. Some seller may find it difficult for the buyer to come to their house and have a test drive, so they should have a positive attitude towards buyer. Some buyers may take the car with them to be inspected by the mechanics so allow them, because satisfaction is more important.

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